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Well, I am not getting any younger and this body could use some toning up. I started with a personal trainer yesterday, July 30th, 2020. I never had a personal trainer and I thought it would do me some good. At times I can be stubborn and uncooperative with myself, so I definitely needed somebody to keep me in line. I was excited and nervous about my first training session, as this body hasn’t lifted weights in a long time. So I changed into my workout clothes and headed over to the trainer. We sat for a few minutes to get to know one another, which was nice. She asked me what I wanted to get out of the training. I told her I wanted to look good in a pair of shorts and a tank top. Trust me clothes can cover all of your imperfections. I’m not happy with my upper legs or my upper arms I told her. So we went right into lunges and wow, I felt that. I was a little shaky, my legs that is, and felt kind of stupid. She told me that happens with almost everybody and I would see improvement within the next couple of weeks. So I felt a little better after she said that. We moved around the gym using different machines to get this body where I want it to be. So after an hour of lifting weighs, lunges, arm lifts and a little more, I headed home. My legs were like jelly, it was a little uncomfortable to walk. Man, those lunges took a toll on me:). I woke up the next morning and OMG, my upper legs were hurting. Could I give up and say this isn’t for me? Sure, I could, but, you know what they say “No Pain No Gain”. So, this almost 50 year old will be back in the gym tomorrow, lifting away. Age is just a number. Get out there and LIVE!

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